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“We wanted to tell a simple story, so we chose just six witnesses to drive home our theme that Sharen Brower was a hardworking, innovative woman who was steamrolled by this large and powerful corporation."
Thomas G. Scavone, Lead counsel for Sharen Brower in Flint Ink v. Sharen Brower



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Raymond P. Niro is the senior partner of the firm and has worked for more than 37 years in the trial of intellectual property law cases.

Ray graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, with high honors, in Chemical Engineering in 1964. He received his Juris Doctorate from the George Washington University Law School in 1969, where he graduated with honors and was a member of the Law Review.

Ray has represented corporate and individual clients in more than 200 major intellectual property cases and has successfully tried a multitude of patent, trademark, trade secret and copyright cases in courts throughout the United States. He has tried cases involving the intellectual property rights in the DeWalt power tool yellow and black color trademark and in Black & Decker's "SnakeLight" hands-free flashlight in which he obtained patent royalty awards of over 125%; he won a $57 million jury verdict (which was later increased to $75.5 million) in a trade secret suit against a snowmobile manufacturer and its engine supplier; he tried with his partner, Tom Scavone, a patent and trade secret suit against an ink manufacturer in which the jury awarded $48 million for his client, won a $16 million award in a trade secret case over precooked Italian sausage, a $20 million patent infringement award against Square D Company and a $12 million verdict over voice mail systems.

Between September 2006 and May 2007, Ray won three multi-million dollar jury verdicts for his clients in three different federal courts, each jury finding his client's patent valid and willfully infringed. In September 2006, Ray won a verdict of willful infringement for Black & Decker on its DeWalt radio charger which resulted in both an injunction and an award of increased damages. Then, three days later, he began another trial which resulted in a $38.5 million verdict and another finding of willful infringement in a patent infringement suit involving municipal bond auctions over the Internet. In May 2007, Mr. Niro, in a landmark case involving a fundamental patent on text-messaging technologies, obtained a jury verdict for his client, TeleCommunication Systems, that included an award of $12 million for past damages on a 2006-issued patent, a 12% royalty and a finding of willful infringement by Sybase 365.

In all, during the past eight years, Mr. Niro has recovered more than $800 million for his clients through trials or settlements, and defeated claims brought against his clients for over $150 million. In 1997, the National Law Journal named Ray one of the ten best litigators in the country and, in 1999, he was named by the National Law Journal as one of the 10 best trial lawyers in Illinois. A Lexis publications check of Niro, Verdict and Million results in more than 480 articles on Ray and our firm.  In 2006, IP Law & Business ranked the Niro Scavone firm of 30 lawyers No. 1 in plaintiff's patent infringement cases filed.


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